What is Value Parenting?

The Underlying Theme of this Blog

Your values matter. Use your values to raise caring, responsible, resilient and intelligent children.

Value parenting is a parenting approach based on Values that you as parents hold most dear. Value parenting is thus a universal approach because parents from any nationality, background or society can adopt the approach and orient it around what it’s core values are.

Values are principles or standards of behavior that you deem important in life. To talk about values is to talk about what kind of person you want your child to be.

For a parent, it’s important that their children understand what is good and what are the long term consequences of their actions. Children need to develop an intuition for the good, to value this goodness over immediate experience.

An idealist value-based mind has a clear understanding of the immediate and long term good and chooses to do the right thing rather than the most convenient or advantageous thing. This may require one to go through hardships and inconvenience in the short run, be mocked by many sometimes but he or she chooses what’s good in the long term.

A child brought up with an idealist mindset will seek cure and not a fix, a solution not a workaround, a confrontation not a retreat, strength and not sympathy, respect and not praise, responsibilities not tasks, career not jobs, joy not just fun, journey and not ride.

About Me

Father. Son. Husband. Marketer. Thinker. Learner

Like many of you, I play different roles. I am:

  • A Marketing professional with 15 years of B2B marketing in manufacturing industry and work with a Swiss Multinational
  • A Father of an 8 year old daughter who is the centre of our family universe
  • A Husband to a beautiful, career and happiness oriented wife who works for an international airline
  • A Son to wonderful parents who gave me an excellent middle class upbringing and who now live a happy retired life
  • A Student of Vedanta, a spiritual path, studying under the guidance of a traditional teacher

I am a humanist, who believes that one must do everything in one’s capacity to reach one’s full potential of happiness in one’s lifetime. I believe happiness is a journey of holistic development of an individual leading to greater physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health while at the same time, making positive contributions towards one’s family, work and social life.

Parenting as a father is a role closest to my heart and I put my heart and soul in it. Time will tell how successful or not successful I will be in this endeavour but I wish to share my journey with some people atleast and so I have created this blog. Our memories are not very reliable and it’s an established fact that we remake our memories as we recall and recount them in time. This blog will help freeze the experiences while they are fresh and remain here as a testimony of the days, months and years I would lived as a parent.

Here you can expect anything and everything that has a significant impact of parenting, upbringing and especially value education.

Also with this blog I would love to connect with and share ideas with those who love parenting and are on the same journey as mine.

For me, this blog would be successful if one day our daughter grows up to be a parent herself and find the advise on this blog useful in her own journey, long after I am gone.

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