Here is visual inspiration that I have put together so that you can use it when needed and does its magic in seconds.

Learn to let go

Some decisions in life are painful to make but if that is the right decision to make, take the courage to make it because in the long run you will not regret it. It’s better be happily and uncomfortable that comfortable and regretful.

Learn to let go

Everything and everyone is in a constant flux: flexing, changing, transforming- sometimes for good and sometimes not for good. Lear to let go of what changes, dies or slips away.

Learn Philosophy

Making sense of the world around us and being able to find meaning and purpose for ourselves is a life skill.

For Your Future Self

Whatever you choose or do today always have your future self in mind.


Every once in while, pause and reflect deeply on this question. It can open up your mind to new possibilities


Many of the most important money lessons I have learnt the hard way. However, I wish my daughter learns them the easy way and so I am sharing here 12 of the most important lessons on money that I would like to pass on to her:


How much of our identity is tied to our past, to its successes and failures. Why not be like the ship, always looking forward- in eye on the destination and another on present happiness and challenges:

A Perfect Day

A perfect day is one in which we are able to spend time doing each of these four elements viz. love, work, play and health:

The Great Night of Shiva

Mahashivaratri: a great day to celebrate your oneness with this entire existence.

Love unconditionally

For any healthy relationship you need three ingredients: Love, Trust and Respect.


I see meditation as involving three key ingredients. First we need to value and enjoy each of these. When the chatter in the mind subsides, you meet the real you.


Its the best strategy.


True love is freedom. It is not attachment. Attachment binds and enslaved while love frees you.

No matter how mentally tough you are, you’ll still experience sadness, grief or depression in your life–hopefully not at the same time, and not continually. At times you’ll feel disappointed, betrayed, insecure, resentful or ashamed. You’ll doubt yourself and doubt your ability to be the person you want to be. But that’s okay because emotions come, but, more importantly, they go. If we can control our emotions, life will be a breeze.
If you master these, you can’t help but “win” in life. If you consistently combine these principles, you can’t help but “win” in life and with others.

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