Love can be Pathological

Pathological forms of love refer to types of love that are considered abnormal or unhealthy. These can take many different forms and are often associated with personality disorders or other mental health conditions. Some examples of pathological forms of love include:

  1. Obsessive love: This type of love is characterized by an intense fixation on the object of affection, often to the point of stalking or other forms of unwanted attention. The person may become jealous, possessive, or controlling, and may have difficulty accepting the end of the relationship.
  2. Codependent love: Codependent love involves a pattern of behavior in which one person becomes excessively dependent on the other for emotional or psychological support. This can often lead to a lack of personal boundaries, low self-esteem, and a sense of identity that is tied up in the relationship.
  3. Narcissistic love: Narcissistic love involves a one-sided relationship in which one person is overly focused on their own needs and desires, often at the expense of the other person’s well-being. The narcissistic person may be manipulative, emotionally abusive, and have a sense of entitlement.
  4. Unrequited love: Unrequited love refers to a situation in which one person has strong feelings for another person who does not reciprocate those feelings. This can lead to feelings of rejection, depression, and an inability to move on from the relationship.
  5. Erotomania: Erotomania is a delusional disorder in which the person believes that someone else is in love with them, often someone who is famous or otherwise unattainable. This can lead to stalking, harassment, and other unwanted behavior.

These forms of love can be harmful to both the person experiencing them and to the object of their affection. It is important to seek help if you or someone you know is experiencing any of these forms of pathological love.

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