Fitness: An Essential Shared Value in Relationships

If you have been reading my blog enough, you know by now that having shared values and interests is critical to the long-term success of relationships. Of several essential shared values like trust, responsibility, loyalty and so on, I believe Physical Fitness is one of the most important because it can make or break a relationship in the long term.

Any love relationship cannot succeed and remain functional if two people have lifestyles opposed to each other. A partnership where individuals do not share a common understanding of what fitness means can often lead to contrasting choices of lifestyles. If one person finds delight in regularly indulging in spicy, greasy fast food while another follows a low-carb home-cooked diet, it is a recipe for disaster. Similarly, if one prefers a sedentary routine while the other prefers to be on the move – it already invites relationship troubles.

A shared commitment to fitness means that you may also have similar lifestyle choices and habits. Partners understand and respect the need to dedicate time for exercise, mindful eating and quality sleep. This is already a massive win for the relationship because this calls for alignment of preferences, routines and habits, providing a couple more and more daily opportunities to strengthen their bond. A shared commitment also means allowing the other person to follow a program best suited to improve their fitness level, depending on where they stand. The best approach is to design a five-point fitness program based on one’s current needs.

A shared commitment to fitness can bring many more benefits to a relationship. When a couple has above-average fitness levels, it opens up the possibility of engaging in several exciting indoor and outdoor activities that may not be an option for the average couple. Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, Watersports, Marathons, Bike tours, City walks, rafting, and sports like badminton or volleyball are only some quickly spring to mind. Having all these options at your disposal can help keep that spark alive. Good health allows you to explore so many new experiences together, forging so many new memories together, leading to further deepening and strengthening of the relationship.

A shared commitment to fitness motivates a couple to strive to be their best self, the best version of themselves. We know that the benefits of physical fitness extend far beyond your body and lead to mental, emotional and even social well-being. A daily workout can help you manage stress and anxiety much better, and your hormonal boost is a bonus! A fitness-focused partner can motivate you when you feel low or lost, help you to lift yourselves up and start marching forward together again. A shared commitment to fitness thus empowers and boosts self-confidence, which helps us in all walks of life. The benefits of being a fitness-focused couple spill over to your work life, the quality of your parenting and your social life too.

Healthy and fit couples radiate positivity, hope and strength wherever they go. Fitness brings beauty to partners and holds a couple attracted to each other. Goal setting comes naturally to such couples; this skill can also help them set other shared goals. You need to have shared goals for teamwork, and what is a relationship without teamwork! How you and your partner share fitness goals and work together to achieve them can tell you how you will partner to overcome family challenges and problems. Collaborating on fitness can teach you to collaborate in several other areas of life.

A shared commitment to fitness helps a couple grow younger and stronger and become a powerful and loved couple. For all my young readers, of all the shared values, I recommend choosing the commitment to fitness to be the foundational value of their relationships. If you haven’t discussed or worked on this, there is never a better time to start than now.

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