Listen to the Universe

There are these times…. extraordinary times, when you tune into life, with just the right equipment and orientation, to listen closely to what it is trying to tell you. It is as if you are trying to tune into a radio station on an old transistor radio without exactly knowing the frequency or the right station. All you are armed with is this intense focus and curiosity. You are just trying things, with an openness of heart and not knowing what to expect. Making acquaintances with new people, the yearning for new adventures, trying to make sense of what is your purpose here. And lo and behold, the voice of life springs back at you, speaks at you, speaks to you. These are extraordinary times where everything you do is new, unplanned and results unexpected. All the seemingly random faces, numbers, ideas, aspirations, and thoughts on the top of your mind, suddenly start completing a picture for you. And you identify with it like you have known it all along but were not recollecting.

It happened to me today and I am making it into a post when clearly it’s something I should be journaling privately about. The universe is telling something, it has a message and it comes in strings of thoughts and impressions, which you piece together in your head at one point to form the big picture. It is nudging me to start a new journey, fearlessly and with confidence. I am not spelling out the specifics here but I do see them. It is nudging me to be my authentic self and bring the best out of it.

Has this ever happened to you?

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