Everything You Believe will be Put to Test

There comes a day when everything you believe and took pride in being will be put on trial, questioned, challenged and put to test.

You will be asked to narrate the story of your life and your choices, decisions and responses to situations will be judged. Your claim over your achievements will be challenged. Your education, your upbringing, and your beliefs will be challenged. Do you believe you gave your best? Then prove it. Do you believe you loved, supported and helped someone through their ups and downs? You are probably lying. Can you prove it? Do you have beautiful memories, special moments? What if it was all faked? Everything you believe yourself to be will be put on trial and the judgement will be at the mercy of strangers.

What are you proud of? Are you proud of being a good mother, or good father or a good friend? Then that will be challenged. Have you been a good son, a good daughter or a good employee? You’ll be asked to prove it, to a complete set of strangers. You will be told that you are otherwise. Your entire being will be validated.

Can you be trusted? Are you loyal? Are you faithful? Are you a good person? Are you a normal person? Prove it. Are you even for real? Or are you a story made up In your head to entertain yourself, oblivious and unrelated to the real world; a work of fiction? or are you a story in the heads of other people, who made it up to serve their interests?

Who are you?

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