Live One Life. Live with Integrity

There are countless ways to live life: some of us believe in living for the day, some want to make the best of the day, some want to live for an afterlife, some want to live many lives in the same one and so on. There is no one to how many schools of life we can find and each has a cult of its own.

I have my proposition on this topic: Live One Life. Whoever we are, wherever we are and whatever role we play, it is important to realize that we are each still the same person in them. I may be a father, a marketer, a blogger, a son, a husband, a friend and so on at different points of time, yet I am the same person who is playing all these roles. Let’s not be a person with multiple faces, leading secret lives.

This means we live with integrity. But what does it mean to live with integrity? Frank Sonnenberg described it best in the form of 12 characteristics. Here they are:

Living with Integrity

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