There is no different Spiritual World

Many religions ultimately try to address the problem of happiness & freedom and they do so by getting you to work towards living the life of a lawful, god-fearing member of society so that you can reap the reward of happiness in an after-life, in a supernatural world not accessible to us as humans today. On the other end, you have the psychic cults that manipulate your brains by ingesting psychedelic substances, that promise to open the doors to higher worlds. Alcoholics, drug addicts, rave party followers, all belong to these cults – with differences being in the way and the extent to which they can manipulate your brains.

Many of us today believe that salvation or nirvana or svarga or heaven or moksha lies utterly beyond our present life and this life of earth is merely a preparation to earn the tickets to that place.

Now spirituality also belongs to the category of religions & psychic cults in the sense that it is also trying to solve the same problems viz. happiness and freedom. But what makes spirituality different is that it talks or promises of no spiritual world or kingdom or realm outside of the world we are living in, the planet we are living on, today. Spirituality aims to solve the problem of happiness and freedom, in the here and now world, we live in. It doesn’t try to move you from one world to another, or one set of senses to another. Rather it tries to teach you from experience, skills to live happily, freeing you from emotional bondage. It teaches you that every experience is a spiritual experience – only if we look at it in the right way. On the outside, a deeply spiritual person may appear to live life and fulfil responsibilities just like any other person, they experience life differently. They experience a union with others and with this universe, like no other.

Alan Watts, describes best what spirituality is. ‘It is a deep sense of freedom based on the realization that one’s self is in a complete union and harmony with life, with God, with the Self of the Universe or whatever that principle may be called. It is the realization that union has existed from all time, even though one did not know it, and that nothing in all the world nor anything that oneself can do is able to destroy it. It is that the whole might of the universe is at work in one’s every thought and action, however trivial and small. In fact, that is true of all men and all things, but only the spiritual man really knows it and his realization gives a subtly different quality to his life..’

And that is why there is no different spiritual world. We are already in it and will always be.

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