My Reading List for 2021

  1. A Mind for Sales by Mark Hunter
  2. Human Universe by Brian Cox
  3. Out of Your Mind by Alan Watts
  4. Ethics for Life by Mel Thomson
  5. Insight by Tasha Eurich
  6. Craving Mind by Judson Brewer
  7. Against Empathy by Paul Bloom
  8. Big Mind by Geoff Milan
  9. Forces of Nature by Brian Cox
  10. The Fourth Age by Byron Reese
  11. A Series of Fortunate Events by Sean B. Carrol
  12. Your Sacred Self by Wayne W Dyer
  13. Conscious by Annaka Harris
  14. Know This by John Brockman
  15. Thinking by John Brockman
  16. Leap by Steven Taylor
  17. Conscious by Annaka Harris
  18. Self-reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  19. Four Ways to Center by Alan Watts
  20. Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  21. The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

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