Our journey to freedom and independence is about how we choose

I believe each one of us is on a journey and what we are ultimately seeking is freedom. Many call this our spiritual journey and this journey is unique for each one us.

Each one of us is seeking freedom in some form- physical, financial, artistic, emotional. It is a journey to satisfy the core wanting person inside each of us. It is journey to find completeness of being, to free ourselves of the constant wanting. To find a place of rest and fulfilment. While each one of us is on this journey, very few realise that it is as much an inner journey as it is an external one.

So what is spirituality all about in day to day life? I believe it all comes down to learning how we choose in life, in matters of love, work, health, parenting and play.

Our spiritual development and maturity directs how we choose in life. To be spiritual is to ‘know’ before ‘acting’- It is to know what is in one’s best long term interest and what serves only the short term. It is to know the difference between the lasting and the fleeting. It is to know the difference between Shreyas, that which is ultimately good and Preyas, that which is momentarily pleasurable. We can either seek this freedom on the path of pleasure or on the path of good.

The path of pleasure may give you some sense of freedom, but it is illusory and it binds you more than it liberates you. Sloth, vanity, hangovers, addiction, anger, restlessness, confusion, frustration are only some of its effects. It is the flight of the moth towards fire. It consumes you and burns you out. This path invariably ends in destruction.

Where as the path of good, lightens you at each step, brings freedom from despair. We know how that feels- like the feeling after a good workout, a job done well, being of help, making a contribution to someone welfare, eating right, a good nights sleep, a silent retreat, solitude, prayerfulness. The good act adds to your health, alertness, presence of mind, productivity, generosity and resourcefulness. It doesn’t just free you, it makes you independent.

The destination of ultimate freedom and independence, of Moksha is real and within the reach of each one of us and it comes by choosing in favour of good at every step of life.

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