Breaking the cycle of obsessive thinking

Do you often spend a lot of time worrying for the future or thinking about past? Are you obsessing over something that unexpectedly happened or that someone said something annoying? Brooding and ruminating over the same thoughts over hours?

I do this sometimes and trust me it’s very unproductive to our selves and is often annoying to others too. It takes you away from the present moment and blocks you from giving your 100% to the task at hand.

So, I thought to share how I deal with such obsessive and nagging thoughts. I use my lessons from my Vedanta practice.

Here are the lessons one can use:

Understand that the world operates by cause and effect. Karma.Watch this play of cause and effect. Watch it operate in the external world. You will see how it moves the world.

But know this, it operates in our internal world too. It moves our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Have you noticed this why asking someone to stop crying doesn’t work. Why can’t you stop being mad when you are. Why can you not hold back those harsh remarks when they come.

Every emotion and feeling has a cause too and it is merely the expression of that cause. Like the rain drops emerging from a cloud.

Understand that that, the emotion and that feeling you have is not you. That that is not what defines you. But you are responsible for it because engaged with it’s cause. It is yours, but it is not you.

Your true nature, the real you is a witness. Witness this play. Like the blue sky that watches the clouds, thunderstorms and rainbows. They come, they hang on for some moments and they leave. Just like the clouds.

Just accept them as they come. And accept them as they leave. Don’t engage them.You are not doing it. It’s happening to you. Understand this difference. So, do not identify with them or act on them.

Just let them be. Be mindful of them. Just like the muddy water turns clear just by staying still. You can bring back your poise, peace and lightness.

Be responsible. Guard yourself. For thought become emotions, emotions become feelings, feelings become thought, thought becomes action, action becomes behaviour. It’s an unstoppable chain of cause and effect.

Once you become mindful of this chain and merely act as a witness to them, without engaging with them, they lose their power. When this clarity dawns upon our minds, we feel lighter, positive and cheerful.

I am sure there are many effective ways of dealing with obsessive thinking. I am only sharing the one that works for me. I hope this gives you some understanding and perspective too to free ourselves of obsessive thinking. I hope this freedom will help us give our our undivided attention to the person or task at hand, bringing us more success and love.

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