Adopting an attitude of Dharma for happy and harmonious living

In simple terms, dharma is the ‘right thing’ to do at any point in time under any given circumstance. It’s an attitude. Dharma itself is aligned and harmonious with the laws of nature- at a physical, psychological and social level.

Of course one can debate endlessly about what is right under a given circumstance but the answer is pretty simple and straightforward most of the time. Under the circumstance it feels right. It may not be the easiest thing to do.

Here is an easy way of makes choices in line with dharma:

1. The action feels rights at the moment and is not influenced by your likes/dislikes.

2. The action feels like the one you may not regret in the future even if things do go as planned.

3. The action is in harmony with your life principles and values.

4. The action is inline with your responsibilities and assigned duties as a member of family.

Acting in line with dharma serves everyone the best – in family, at work or in society. Your role as a son, father, brother, husband, manager, boss, friend, citizen comes along easy if you simply choose to act in line with dharma.

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