Task 2: Setting the routine

‘The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.’ – Mike Murdock

My next job is to understand and set a daily routine. I think a good sleep of 8 hours is sacrosanct if I have to have the health. And energy to perform well during the day. So the sleep has to be protected and routinised. Once I secure the sleep hours, I can build the day sprouts the rest Of the hours.

My intentions to apply the preto principle of 80/20 to the day. Those 20% items/tasks which cover 80% of the 16 hours have to be routinised, converted to a simple schedule.

Aanya’s morning routine, school, my office, Aanya’s tuition and music class, evening snack/glass of milk and evening play with friends and my business calls together make 12 hours of solid, fixed daily routine. Add to that an hour of dinner & sleep routine and we re well over 80% of the available 16 hours..

The rest can stay flexible- where we could use the time for driving out to friends, book store, temple, birthdays, dinner… completely flexible.

This is how I am going to set the weekday up. We will keep the Weekends completely flexible and use our creativity to design them the way we want to them and spend some quality time together.

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