Task 1: Drawing up the support system

Always secure this first!

It’s is important that Aanya is looked after and is safe while I am not around her. So my first challenge was to really draw up a support system that’ll provide me the peace of mind while I am not around our daughter.

I looked at a practical three layered support system in case of emergencies: immediate neighbours, friends and family.

Before my wife went away, I ensured that she informs all the people we can count on about where she is going, why she is going, for how long and that I d be almost singlehandedly looking after our daughter. This was important, not so that I get their sympathy. But firstly to let them know that all is well in our family and we very know what we re getting into and we support each in this. Imagine neighbours wondering having not seen my wife for a while and getting it all wrong about me! Second important reason is that they watch over Aanya while she is around knowing well that her mom is away.

Friends stay away but are most helpful in emergencies and you can always count on them for anything. And the ultimate safety net of course is family: sibling and parents.

We have been upfront with all of them and so have their support. Anyone planning to be a solo parent must first think of his support system in case of emergency. It’s hard to start anything without securing this piece.

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