The Journey Begins

Like many parents, I didn’t plan to start a blog on parenting. Until the responsibility of single-handedly parenting Aanya landed on my shoulders. For a few months I had to take up the role of both parents for our daughter while my wife would be away.

I am married for 9 years now and have an 8 year old daughter, Aanya. Plus, I have great job in a multinational company. I am surely at my career best.

My wife joins her dream job in another metropolitan city of India tomorrow. Dream jobs are never easily won and this one has come after two years of sheer focus and hard work. I am happy for her and also appreciate her persistence. However, its a tough move for her as a mother of an eight year old.

She finally made up her mind to take the plunge and move away from us to another metropolitan city. And so, I made up my mind as well, to take up this new challenge to be solo parent.

I have loved challenges in my professional life, always welcomed and gave my best to deal with them. Solo parenting will be my biggest personal challenge and so I have decided to embrace it positively and give my best shot to it too.

Time will tell how successful or not successful I will be, but I wish to share my journey with some people atleast and so I have created this blog. Our memories are not very reliable and it’s an established fact that we remake our memories as we recall and recount them in time. This blog will help freeze the experiences while they are fresh and remain here as a testimony of the days, months and years I would live as a solo parent.

Finally, I would like to say that this journey and challenge is not just about me or my spouse, it’s about our wonderful daughter too. She is the most courageous of us all. She has agreed not just to embrace this change as an 8 year old but also to throw her support around both of us parents in what we are attempting to do in future.

So on that courageous note, I conclude my first post and start this wonderful voyage.

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